About the motif.

The open palm motif is an ancient symbol of safety and healing that is layered with meanings over time through the lens of different cultures. Some of the other renditions are known as the hand of Fatima, the (K)hamsa, hand of Miriam, hand of Mary, the Healer’s hand, and the Abhayamudra — a gesture of fearlessness that dispels fear, accords divine protection and much more.


Mustaali Raj

Mustaali Raj is a visual artist and graphic designer with an inter-disciplinary practice. Being both a third culture kid and an avid traveller, his multi-faceted sense of belonging and experiences play an important role in exploring intersection of identities through his work.

John Velten

Born and raised in Kwikwetlem (Coquitlam), John Velten is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose mixed roots stem from Europe, with German ancestry and North-West Territories with Dene ancestry. These contrasting lineages speak to his perspective, ability as an artist and affluence of different cultures. He is also the co-founder of First Nations Gallery — a jewelry production and collaboration hub for First Nations artists.