Recurrence — To Fly Again


Tomoyo Yamada Dance_MeemWare


A contemporary dancer uses expression, emotion, and energy to turn classical positions of dance into continuous movements that never stop; instead, radiate and flow from one gesture to the next. Our muse for this collection is Tomoyo Yamada. She is a contemporary dancer whose body creates currents of motion. With a fusion of style, this dancer takes inspiration from various genres of dance to experiment with and extend the possibilities of human movement. Recurrence — To Fly Again takes inspiration from the fluidity of a dancer’s body to show that the human body is a nucleus for infinite movement. Even in stillness, our bodies pulsate with motion. The designs of this collection embody these characteristics of motion, evoking that your body’s movement doesn’t start and stop – it is always present, always stretching, and always becoming.

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