Our Story

Our collaborative process of creation stems from embracing interwoven identities. Meemware is inspired by the richness of clay vessels and the traditions of ornamentation and markings that empowered feminine beauty, identity and histories across different lands, where Minahil and Mariam trace their roots. From the land of Amazighs, coasts of the Levant, deserts of Arabia, the lush pastures of fertile crescent to the mountains of Indus region, the clay vessels have always manifested a physical connection between people and their land. The art that adorned people's bodies, including jewelry and facial tattoos, symbolized the collective memory of an enriched past. Meemware embodies and celebrates that collective spirit of belonging, adornment and symbolism. Our focus is on amplifying marginalized perspectives through uniquely designed pieces.

The concept of modern luxury is evolving and Meemware as a brand stands for Alternative Luxury. Alternative Luxury is about actively choosing smaller brands that engage in practices of creativity, care and consciousness. This mindful creation process includes intentional decision making at every step. Some core values to think about: whose hands did it pass through during the making process? What is the design philosophy? How are the production processes made more ethical and sustainable? What is the social impact?

In today’s time, it is a true luxury to have other humans create an object from start to finish. Meemware’s handmade and curated pieces enable design-conscious choices to make everyday styling an aesthetically elevated experience. It is essential to really fall in love with the holistic being of an object, so we can live with it longer and be kinder to our planet.

Meemware engages in waste-conscious processes leading to minimal waste in the making and collection of the pieces. Special consideration is also given to recyclable and reusable packaging for all our orders.

The six symbols below embody the essence of our values: 


Beauty in StrengthHonouring Conscious Care

Nurturing New Perspectives  Celebration of IndividualityDelight in ImperfectionEmbracing Interwoven Identities