Our Designers


The Perso-Arabic letter Meem - م - connects our co-creators. This letter is fluid and adaptable, morphs into different configurations depending on its position within a word representing the flow of time, passage of experiences, and the journey - a continuous loop.

Minahil Bukhari and Mariam MeemWare Designers


Minahil - مناہل - is a visual artist and co-creator at Meemware. She holds an MFA and has quite a multidisciplinary practice. Object design, space curation and tactile materiality are some core facets of her creation process. Minahil is interested in bridging the gap between high art/design and accessibility.

Mariam - مريم - is an emerging artist and a co-creator at Meemware. She embarked upon an artistic journey, after 15 years in finance, to pursue a long overdue dream. Intentional space design and meaningful creations that evince the connectedness of people, nature, and culture are at the heart of Mariam’s practice.

Minahil and Mariam are very excited to share with you their love for well-designed objects.