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MeemWare offers wearable art for your everyday — handmade, sculptural and lightweight.

Minahil Bukhari Travel Inspiration


MeemWare is inspired by traditions of ornamentation and markings that empowered feminine beauty, identity and histories across the lands of Bukhari's ancestors. The art on their bodies told tales of the enriched past. Jewelry and facial tattoos symbolized the collective memory of a people. From the valleys of Amazigh, to the deserts of Arabia, the lush pastures of the fertile crescent to the mountains of the Indus region, these patterns were derived from nature to adorn women’s bodies. MeemWare embodies that collective spirit of empowerment, adornment and symbolism.

The designs take their cues from nature, places and stories to strengthen and highlight one’s individuality - enabling an outward expression of the strong inner self. MeemWare objects enable design-conscious choices to make everyday styling an aesthetically elevated experience.


Beauty in StrengthHonouring Conscious CareNurturing New PerspectivesCelebration of IndividualityDelight in ImperfectionEmbracing Interwoven Identities


MeemWare products are handmade by Minahil Bukhari in Vancouver, Canada and are created in small batches. Little imperfections such as small bubbles or tiny marks add to the character of this medium — it is the nature of being handmade, meaning you are acquiring a truly unique piece.

We engage in waste-conscious processes leading to minimal waste in the making of our products. Special consideration is also given to recyclable and reusable packaging for all our orders.


MeemWare Handmade


Polymer clay is a beautiful, flexible and lightweight material that will not shatter if dropped. It is a non-toxic vinyl, which is durable and can last a lifetime if cured properly. The earring backings are hypo-allergic surgical steel suitable for sensitive skin.

Note that bending and misuse can cause damage or cracks to the object. Here are some tips to help you keep your jewelry in an excellent condition longer:

  • Keep it stored properly, ideally in the box provided
  • Avoid spraying perfume or other chemicals onto them
  • If make-up or dust gets on, wipe it with a damp cotton cloth or with rubbing alcohol